Common characteristics.

“InnoLabAnd” had been established in 2016 year as a new innovative products producer and contributor to its commercialization and act in the market of agriculture products of Fergana volley of Uzbekistan.

“InnoLab And” operate as a supplier well known agriculture products as Bio-products for plants saving, new kinds of selections and genetics products, new technologies of agriculture mechanization and hydro melioration systems. 

Nowadays agriculture products market of Fergana volley of Uzbekistan presents as growing one. Although, many producers are private small firms, all of them suggest standard and obsolete products. New products coming from abroad, but because of shortage hard currency import limited. Taking into count this situation “InnoLabAnd” operate as supplier new kind of products for national currency and attract consumers due acceptable payment conditions. Main aim is identify demand of consumers and to develop adequate agriculture products coming from market conjugations.

From behind geographical situation of Fergana valley of Uzbekistan InnoLab And” main markets are Andizhan, Fergana and Namangan regions of Uzbekistan. In Fergana volley existing huge need to new effective and invent products. Market is profitable.

“InnolabAnd” competency:  Existing experienced researchers personal. Pedagogical staff of AAI now consists from 310 professor teachers.  1/3 of those professors are experienced in conducting researches in different areas of agriculture production. Scientific potential of the institute is close to 40 % and main researchers are concentrated in such spheres of agriculture as plants protection, agronomy, selection and genetics, gardener, cotton studies, hydro melioration and irrigation systems exploiting, exploiting and repair of agriculture tractors, organizing service in machine tractor parks.